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About us

KuibyshevTelekom-Metrologia Research and Production Enterprise was founded in 2005. It is located in Russia, Samara and focuses on the supply of industrial gas, steam and liquid meters. Many years of experience with the largest companies in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries have allowed us to gain in-depth knowledge in flow measurement and apply it to the production of our own equipment, providing a reliable solution that works even in the most complex processes.

We have our own research and development center, which allows us to work for the future in accordance with the needs of the modern market and design the entire cycle - from the creation of the product concept to putting it into series production.

We created the Calibration and Verification Center on the territory of the production site in order to achieve the best metrological characteristics of the supplied devices and to ensure the uniformity of measurements. We work hard to expand the field of accreditation of gas and liquid test stands since we pay great attention to the development of our metrological service; and we are ready to provide services for primary/periodic verification:

- Mass flow meters
- Ultrasonic flow meters
- Electromagnetic flow meters

We appreciate each of our partners and strive to make mutual cooperation as comfortable and productive as possible. That is why our team prioritizes the maintenance of the high quality of products and strive for an exemplary and effective after-sales technical support (active link to the service tab)




UZS - 1M

Ultrasonic flowmeter for liquids in all industrial applications


Averaging pitot tube for process gas, steam and liquid metering


High precision coriolis flow meter with intellectual diagnostic functions


Ultrasonic flare gas meter


Ultrasonic meter for process applications measurements


Ultrasonic meter for custody transfer gas


Service maintenance of high-tech equipment is one of the priority areas of our company's development. Everyone knows that any knowledge-intensive equipment requires a qualified and professional approach in terms of installation, adjustment, operation, periodic maintenance, diagnostics and repair.

  - Site Supervision/Commissioning
     Installing, connecting and configuring the equipment

  - Maintenance
     Performed in accordance with approved regulations

  - Repair
     Performed for warranty and non-warranty cases

  - Theoretical and Practical Training
     Personnel are trained to install and operate metering devices in full-time form


Metrological service

Initial/periodic verification:
- Mass flow meters
- Ultrasonic flow meters
- Electromagnetic flow meters

Gas test bench — "12-fold Nozzle test bench" test rig

Liquid test bench — "Hermitage" test rig

+7 (846) 202-00-65