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About product

Coriolis flow meter with intellectual diagnostic functions and accredited density channel


  • Direct simultaneous measurement of mass flow rate, density, temperature of liquids, gases, including cryogenic and aggressive fluids
  • Measurement in the food and chemical industry in compliance with sanitary and epidemiological standards
  • Process control within industrial plants, including measurement of liquids with high solids content
  • Mixing and dosing control systems
  • LNG flow measurement at filling stations, including LNG vapour measurements

Measuring media:

  • Petroleum oil and its co-products
  • Gas condensate
  • Cryogenic fluids including LNG
  • Acids
  • Solvents and other products

Your benefit

  • Significantly higher Qmax flow rates at the same DN (size) of the pipeline compared to the leading global manufacturers;
  • Flow meters with DN from 15 to 250 mm are manufactured at our own full-cycle facility;
  • High-temperature version up to +350°C/+400°C;
  • Working pressure up to 40 MPa;
  • Reduced hydraulic losses by 15-20% compared to the best global counterparts;
  • The function of calculation of the mass of petroleum and petroсhemicals (petroleum calculator);
  • Built-in pressure and temperature correction function;
  • Metrologically secured, tested density measurement channel with accuracy up to 0.2 kg/m³;
  • Metrologically secured, verified temperature measurement channel;
  • Metering of LNG to -196°C and other cryogenic fluids;
  • Diagnostics of the condition of measuring tubes Clever Control Tool® *;
  • The possibility of simulation method proving of the flow meter without removal from the pipeline, as well as the wet calibration/proving of the flow meter using a compact-prover or pipe mechanical displacement prover;
  • IBC – 5 years, service life – 20 years;
  • Possibility of manufacturing with mounting dimensions according to customer’s requirements.

Technical details

Nominal diameter DN15, DN25, DN50,DN80, DN100, DN200, DN250
Flow rate measurement range 4 – 2550000 kg/h
Temperature of the measurement media -196…+400 °С
Pressure of the measurement media 0…400 bar
Measurement tube material 316L, Nickel alloy С22
Ambient temperature -70…+60 °С
Measurement media liquid/liquefied gas/gas
Density of the media up to 3000 kg/m3
Ex approvals:
1Ex db [ia Ga] IIC T6 Gb
0Ex ia IIC T3..T6 Ga
Enclosure rate IP66/IP67
Connection sizes ASME, DIN, EN, JIS, ГОСТ
I/O signals and ports – 3 pulse/digital outputs;
– Optical (infrared), with support for Modbus RTU;
– 2 analog inputs for temperature and pressure sensors, current loop with HART support;
– Analog configurable output, current loop with HART support;
– 2 digital RS-485 with support for Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII;
– Configurable digital (discrete);
– Digital Ethernet Output;
– Foundation FieldBus
– mass flow rate and mass of the fluid
– volume flow rate and volume of the fluid
– mass flow rate of the liquefied natural and other cryogenic fluids
– mass flow rate of gas media
±0,1%; ±0,15%; ±0,2%; ±0,25%; ±0,5%
±0,11%; ±0,2%;, ±0,25%; ±0,5%
±0,5%; ±0,35%
Temperature measurement error limit ±1 °С
Density measurement error limit ±5 kg/m3; ±1 kg/m3; ±0,5 kg/m3; ±0,2 kg/m3
Service life 20 years