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UZS-1 ®

About product

High temperature liquid flow meter up to +550 ° С


  • Custody and process measurement of petroleum and petroleum oil products
  • Custody and process measurement of liquefied natural gas (LNG)
  • Liquid measurement and control for gas reforming process
  • Liquid measurement for petroleum oil processing companies
  • Liquid measurement for food processing companies
  • Liquid measurement for chemical production plants
  • Custody and process heat energy measurement

Your benefit

  • Measurement flow rate error limit 0.28%
  • Wide flow rate range from 0,0054 – 508938 m/s
  • Operating pressure up to 50 MPa
  • Operating temperature range from -200 °С to + 550 °С
  • Viscosity limit of the fliud up to 1000 cSt
  • Mass flow measurement
  • Measurement of chemicals
  • Weld free meter body is designed for extreme operation pressures from 10 MPa to 50 MPa
  • High-tech titanium and stainless steel ultrasonic transducers ensure stable signal even in harsh process conditions
  • High level of measured ultrasonic signal allows to use transducers on pipe diameters up to 3000 mm
  • Self-diagnostics while working with status recording in the archive
  • Applicable in heat energy measurement systems without external solvers
  • Up to two pressure sensors and up to two temperature sensors can be connected
  • Can operate air temperatures down to -60 °C using external heating cover
  • Less need for metrological verification: once every 4 years
  • Lifetime of the device is not less than 15 years

Technical details

Parameter name Parameter range Notes
Internal pipe diameter (DN), mm от 8 до 1400
от 300 до 3000
Compact meter with meter body
Direct, on pipe installation
Liquid flow rate, m/s ±0.03…25
Operating ambient temperature, 0С -10…+45
-60(2)… +80
Storage temperature, 0С -50…+60
Medium temperature, 0С
Type T1
Type T2
Type T3
Type T4 (cryogenic)
-45… +140
Permissible gas content in liquid (volume fraction),% ≤ 3
Permissible content of mechanical impurities in liquid (volume fraction),% ≤ 5
Relative flow measurement error,% 0,3
3 path measurement
2 path measurement
1 path measurement
Maximum viscosity of the medium, cSt
Type V1
Type V2
до 300
до 1000(3)
Operating pressure range, МПа до 50
Number of measurement paths 1, 2, 3
Length of straight inlet section 5D
With flow conditioner
for 2 path measurement
for 3 path measurement
Installation angle , 0 45, 60
Operating frequencies of ultrasonic transducers, MHz 1,5
I/O ports
Analog outputs
Analog inputs
Digital outputs
Digital inputs
USB/Serial ports
1 output: 0/2/4 … 22 mA, + 500 Ω
2 inputs: 0…5/10 V or 0…20 mA
Pulse/Frequency output (additional module); 3 outputs: 30 V DC/33 mA, max. frequency 10 kHz, outputs OC (Open collector) or NAMUR
1 digital input, 30 V DC/33 mA.
USB (optional)
RS485 – standard
According to NAMUR NE43 (Standardization Association for Measurement and Control)
Status signals: normal operation/maintenance, service, and function control, range limit, maintenance needed.
Optional output signals Ethernet (optional)
4-20мА/HART, RS485/MODBUS RTU/ASCII, Ethernet/MODBUS TCP, PROFIBUS DP/PA, Foundation Fieldbus.
Software KTM SmartStream
Enclosure rating IP 66/ IP 67/ IP 68
Ex-approvals Exd[ia] IIC T6…T2 Gb X Zones 0, 1, 2
Supply voltage DC, В
Supply voltage AC, В
With AC-DC module
Power consumption:
DC, Wtt
Mean time between failures, h 88000/td>

(1) Without the possibility of “Cold Start”
(2) Using heating devices for the IPU
(3) Extended range by temperature, pressure and viscosity