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KTM Deltapascal ®

About product

Averaging pitot tube for process gas, steam and liquid metering


  • waste and flue gas measurement
  • natural gas measurement
  • Superheated steam, high, medium and low pressure steam measurement
  • Measurement of gaseous media including air, biogas, flue and sewer gases
  • Heat carrier measurement

Your benefit

  • Operation at low flow rates due to the patented aerodynamic shape of the probe;
  • High measurement stability achieved by optimized probe profile shape;
  • High repeatability of the probe design ensures stable results;
  • High measurement accuracy due to absence of welds on measuring surfaces throughout the flow profile;
  • Availability of built-in computer allowing direct multi-parameter mass flow measurements with full compensation in real time;
  • Integrated temperature sensor arrangement allowing process temperature measurements at the pick-up point without additional tie-in to piping;
  • Less pressure loss than analogues devices in the market.
  • Possibility to install the flow meter without stopping the process;
  • Service life – 10 years

Technical details

Measurement body material* AISI 316L /03X17Н14М3
Nominal pipe diameter, DN, mm 100…2950
Volumetric flow rate range:
— for liquid, m3⁄h
— for gas, m3⁄h
— for steam, m3⁄h
Volume and mass flow rate measurement error limit, % ±0,5, ±0,7, ±1, ±1,5
Operating pressure, MPa 25
Operating temperature, °С -196…+710
I/O ports 4…20 mA, frequency, digital HART, Modbus RS-485, Ethernet, Foundation Fieldbus
Supply voltage DC, V 10,5…45
Ambient temperature, ºС -40…+60 (standard)
-70…+60 (on request)
Relative air humidity, not more than, % 95
Enclosure rate IP66
Verification interval 4 years
Service life 18 years