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Metrology service

With the purpose of achieving the best metrology characteristics of devices supplied and providing the uniformity of measurements on the production site territory, the 1st rank gas volume flow rate unit working standard and the secondary volume and mass fluid flow rate working standard have been put into operation and certified. The metrology service specialists carry out active work on the accreditation area expansion and are now ready to provide services on primary/periodic calibration of mass, ultrasound and electromagnetic Flow meters.

The released measurement devices pass performance tests in complex environmental conditions with the help of a high-precision climatic chamber.

Measuring instrument, type (group) Measurement range Error
Gas and steam meters (flow meters) (4…6,500) m3/h PG ± (0.3…5) %
Ultrasound fluid flow meters (0.014…3,125) m3/h PG ± (0.15…5) %
Fluid and gas mass meters (flow meters) (0…600) t/h PG ± (0.1…5) %
Flow rate meters (flow meters, flow rate transducers) Gas
(0.5…350,000) m3/min
(0.5…20,000,000) m3/h
(0.1…50,000) m3/h
PG ± (0.8…6) %
PG ± (0.8…6) %
PG ± (0.8…6) %
Electromagnetic fluid flow rate meters (flow meters) (0.0036…3,060) m3/h PG ± (0.15…5) %
Measurement pressure transmitters (meters) with the electric output signal (-101.3…68,947) kPa
(0…10) V
(0…24) mA
PG ± 0.1 %
PG ± 0.05 %
PG ± 0.05 %
Resistive thermal converters (-50…490)oC KD AA, A, B, C


Gas calibration rig – Calibration bench “12-fold Nozzle test bench”

  • Number of critical nozzles – 12 pcs (to 4096 flow rate values)
  • Number of vacuum pumps – 2 pcs
  • Automatic system leakage check
  • The developed SW allows conducting the calibration procedure in automatic mode
  • Thermostating and hydrostating of the calibration bench room
Name Value
Range of reproducible flow rates Qmin – Qmax, not less than, m3/h: in operating conditions 4-6,500
Maximum diameter, mm 500
Operating medium Atmospheric air
Relative extended uncertainty of the calibration rig when reproducing the gas volume flow rate ±0.20%
Number of simultaneously calibrated devices Up to 3 pcs
Device connecting interfaces Current loop 4-20 mA
Pulse input up to 10 kHz


Fluid calibration rig – Calibration bench “Ermitage”

  • Available chiller for maintaining stable water temperature 20 °C; accuracy up to 0.5 °C;
  • Possibility to adjust water temperature in the range +10…+30 °C;
  • Straight rig sites are made with tolerances by H9;
  • 2 working tables, which operate independently on each other, providing high performance;
  • 2 reference standards in one rig CB-Ermitage:
    Secondary mass flow rate standard by statistical weighing;
    2nd rank reference standard by comparison procedure with the use of electromagnetic flow meters;
  • High accuracy of the mass flow rate unit transfer to 0.04 % and of the volume flow rate unit transfer 0.045 % related to the measured value;
  • Wide range of flow rates formed from 0.02 tо 1000 m3/h;
  • Operating medium – potable water


Name Value
Range of reproducible flow rates Qmin – Qmax, not less than, m3/h
Big diameter table (BDT) 0.3 – 1000
Small diameter table. (SDT) 0.02-120
Operating medium water
Limits of permissible relative installation error:
At measuring mass 0.04%
At measuring volume 0.045%
At measuring the mass flow rate 0.05%
At measuring the volumetric flow rate 0.055%