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KTM Smart Stream ®

KTM Smart Stream


The KTM Smart Stream ® software is designed to control the operation of ultrasonic gas meters, ultrasonic fluid meters, coriolis flow meters, flow meters based on a central pressure tube, various modifications and implementations, as well as electronic equipment included in these products.

The KTM Smart Stream ® software is part of the product delivery package for which it is intended.


KTM Smart Stream ® consists of software modules connected by a single software, activated depending on the device connected to the computer.

KTM Smart Stream ® functionality:

  • Remote viewing of the parameters measured and calculated by the instrument;
  • Display of instrument operating modes and change of service mode;
  • Calibration of the instrument;
  • Warning about the errors in the operation of the device;
  • Field settings (instrument settings in place);
  • Preview and change the parameters of individual instrument registers during operation (depending on the user’s rights);
  • Preview of the instrument/event log archives, exporting to XLS-file;
  • Preview of the form of the received signal;
  • Export/import saved diagnostic session to file;
  • Record of the parameters and measurements of all instrument registers, unloaded into a file;
  • Preview and setup of the external additional devices;
  • Location of the item by its coordinates on the map (GPS/GLONASS);
  • Check of instrument interface outputs;
  • Adjustment of units of measurement of the displayed values;
  • Establishment of a diagnostic session of the instrument;
  • Control of the device’s self-diagnostic algorithms;
  • Replacement of measured parameter values by constant in service mode.