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KTM100 RUS ®

About product

Ultrasonic flare gas flow meter


  • Process gas measurement
  • Detection of flare gas leakage and monitoring gas losses
  • Measurement of wet gases with high liquid fraction and solid particle content
  • Flare gas measurement on offshore oil and gas platforms
  • Mass flow measurement varying gas composition conditions

Your benefit

  • High measurement accuracy to meet local and international measurement standards
  • Zero gas lost and short repairing time due to sender/receiver unit exchangeability during ongoing process conditions
  • Smart diagnostics system “Real-Time-Control” ensures measurement validity throughout the process conditions
  • We offer complete set of algorithms that meets all customers requirements for output data weather they need measurement data in standard conditions, in working conditions or mass measurement.
  • Robust ultrasonic transducer technology guarantees measurement stability within its operation conditions. Specially designed transducers for high temperatures and extremecryogenic temperatures ensure measurement validity from -196C up to +330C.
  • Single solution for extreme weather conditions and locations from Africa to Arctic.
  • Less need for metrological verification: once every 4 years.
  • Service life – 15 years.

Technical details

Zero flow test box is used for systematic field verification of the device operation aka zero-flow verification (once every 4 years) test of KTM100 RUS gas meter.
Advantages of zero-flow verification:
– Field verification of KTM100 RUS, no need for laboratory verification
– No dependence on pipe diameter or measurement range

Sender/Receiver Unit КТМ100 FL LB КТМ100 M LB КТМ100 P LB КТМ100 Lite
Gas velocity range, м/с 0,03 -120 0,03 – 90 0,03 – 120
Uncertainty of the measurement, volumetric flow rate a.c., % 1 – path measurement: 2 or 1,5
2 – path measurement: 1,5 or 1
Uncertainty of the mass flow rate calculation, % 0,005
Resolution, м/с 0,001
Operation temperature range, °С From -70 up to 1801) From -40 up to +1801)
Installation angle, ° 75 90 75 75
Pipe diameters, м2) 0,2 – 1,8 0,08 – 0,6 ≥ 0,3 0,08 – 0,63)
Operation pressure range, MPa – 0,05 – 1,64) -0,05 – 1,6
Ambient temperature, °С Sender/receiver units: -70 … +60
IPU: -50 до +60*
Sender/receiver units 1 Ex d IIC T2…Т6 Gb 0 Ex ia IIC T2…Т6 Ga
IPU Ga/Gb Ex db e ia [ia Ga] IIC T4…T6
I/O ports
Analog outputs 1 output: 0/2/4 … 22 mA, + 500 Ω According to NAMUR NE43 (Standardization Association for Measurement and Control)
Analog inputs 2 inputs: 0…5/10 V or 0…20 mA
Digital outputs Pulse/Frequency output (additional module); 3 outputs: 30 V DC/33 mA, max. frequency 10 kHz, outputs OC (Open collector) or NAMUR. Status signals: normal operation/maintenance, service, and function control, range limit, maintenance needed.
Digital inputs 1 digital input, 30 V DC/33 mA
USB/Serial ports USB (optional)
RS485 – standard
Ethernet (optional)
Optional output signals 4-20мА/HART, RS485/MODBUS RTU/ASCII, Ethernet/MODBUS TCP, PROFIBUS DP/PA, Foundation Fieldbus
Software KTM SmartStream

1) Special versions:
– High temperature version from minus 70 °С up to plus 330 °С
– High temperature version from minus 196 °С up to plus 100 °С
2) Maximum pipe diameter can be extended by installing sender-receiver units on chord of the pipe.
3) Maximum pipe diameter can be extended up to 1,8 м by request
4) Optional up to 2,5 MPa or up to 6,3 MPa
* by using thermal cover -60+60 °С