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The way to “ZERO emissions”


The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom, where the leaders of countries, together signed a pact, which included wording that encouraged more urgent greenhouse gas emissions cuts, closed its doors on 13 of November. In reason of that we would like to offer our experience and knowledge in area of emissions control. We participated in the project of reducing of flare gas emissions in Russia since 2006 and equipped most of oil and gas companies at the territory of Russia with our ultrasonic flare gas flow meters KTM 100™. It’s more than 10 000 metering skids from the Russian border from Japan to the border line with Poland! And it is more than 15 years of experience! Besides that, we got expertise, how to measure, and then how to cut emissions to atmosphere:

  • By power generation, using associated petroleum gas.
  • By applying of gas lift (artificial lift technique – injection of gas into the oil reservoir), gas-reinjection for the purpose of reservoir pressure maintenance.
  • By purification and compressing of associated gas (mini LNG).

The way to ZERO emissions

In all cases above, first step of the work is always a measuring of actual volume of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, that’s why we propose to use our flare flow meters KTM 100™. We invite all metrology managers of oil and gas companies to our factory to find out together the possibilities of associated petroleum gas utilization for emissions cutting as the next stage of «carbon footprint» reducing.